Path of the righteous 
Hello pilgrims!

Just noticed my monsters can't find their own asses in the game. It seems the default AI can only drool...

Found this free pathfinding system and I'm thinking of integrating it to my game. It's called MicroPather and you can find it in my Links-page.

It's written in C++ so it should not be impossible to get it working with NeoAxis.

I have still no 3D models at all and this really bugs me. has a nice 40% discount and I'm thinking of buying Troopers and other models from their site. They offer pretty nice models with rigging and animations.

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Help from others 
I accidentally met this person while talking in NeoAxis forums. Now I'm going to program some code for him and he is going to make 3D graphics for me!

Now I can devote my time on programming game logic and not in drawing crappy models.

I will still post some tutorial and guides how to get stuff imported to NeoAxis engine, because it can be very hard if you haven't done it before.

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Finally some animations in NeoAxis!!! 
Thanks to all beautiful people in NeoAxis Forum I finally got my animations exported from Blender to NeoAxis.

The process isn't that difficult, but if you miss a step or make some unwanted modifications you won't get any animations at all.

I will definetly add this workflow to the tutorial I'm going to make about starting development in NeoAxis.

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AAaaAAaarrrgghh! Frustration maximus 
So yesterday I spent 9 hours trying to get my 3D model exported from Blender to NeoAxis. The model itself exports just fine, but I can't see any animations in NeoAxis Resource Editor.

I'm going to try again tonight, but I'm not looking forward to it...

Making the animations was hard work, but I didn't realize getting them to NeoAxis would be harder.

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Erno's story 
Erno was made by a free 3D modelling softare called Blender.

I had never used Blender before and the user interface looks a bit scary. I used this brilliant tutorial to get familiar with Blender's interface.

I have been trying to make corridors and tunnels with Blender for a few weeks now and I'm getting better with the interface every day.

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