Networking with NeoAxis 
I have stumbled onto so many problems while trying to sync the server and client objects I think I have to publish all the answers have found. This might save some time for others.

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more progress 
Now the players are loaded from a database when they log in and saved when they are logged out.

Next it is the shops and inventory.

When the player can buy ammo it is time for combat

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Whee something is happening! 
Just logged to my game server from two different clients and nothing went broke!

Next issue getting shops and inventory working.

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Wow it has been over a year since my last post 
But as a good news I started working on the project again.

I decided not to focus on the graphical side since that is not my strong thing and replace all needed graphics with placeholders.

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Back on track 
got a friend of mine to help me out with the graphics and visual design of my game. This allows me to focus on the programming.

This means there actually might be a game at some point!


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