Finally some animations in NeoAxis!!! 
Thanks to all beautiful people in NeoAxis Forum I finally got my animations exported from Blender to NeoAxis.

The process isn't that difficult, but if you miss a step or make some unwanted modifications you won't get any animations at all.

I will definetly add this workflow to the tutorial I'm going to make about starting development in NeoAxis.

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AAaaAAaarrrgghh! Frustration maximus 
So yesterday I spent 9 hours trying to get my 3D model exported from Blender to NeoAxis. The model itself exports just fine, but I can't see any animations in NeoAxis Resource Editor.

I'm going to try again tonight, but I'm not looking forward to it...

Making the animations was hard work, but I didn't realize getting them to NeoAxis would be harder.

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Erno's story 
Erno was made by a free 3D modelling softare called Blender.

I had never used Blender before and the user interface looks a bit scary. I used this brilliant tutorial to get familiar with Blender's interface.

I have been trying to make corridors and tunnels with Blender for a few weeks now and I'm getting better with the interface every day.

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My first 3D experience 
Well it has come clear to me, that you can't make a decent game in 4 weeks. Actually what I have achieved in that time is a blue mutant looking 3D character called "Erno" and 10 meters of a spacecrafts wall. Not too productive work I must tell you.

I must find a person to do graphics for me, because I can't even draw properly let alone animate these little buggers.

Here is a small taste of my achievements. Erno!

Aaaand Erno running!

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First things first 
The first thing to do is decide what game engine you are going to use and what features it must have. I was in such a hurry I Googled around a bit and found a system consting just 99$. Realm Crafter is a low cost 3d game creation software. You can make your own MMORPG like WoW.

I soon find out that this is not the thing for my needs. The problem with this editor type softare is, that you can get a small game running in a matter of hours, but it's going to lack some features you really want for your game. You can't add any features, because the software doesn't come with source code.

I did some more research and a buddy of mine at work suggested using a free 3D grachics engine called OGRE.

This was how ever just an engine. I still need a framework with an API to get something done fairly quickly.

Then I found NeoAxis. It is basically a free framework, if you use it for your personal projects. Indie license costs 99$.

It comes with a mapeditor, resource editor and an extensive demo. I was sold! It comes with a physics wrapper and you can program your own game logic. Basically almost anything can be done the way you like.

Now I just have to model 10000 3D characters and items!

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