fixing a tutorial 
Fixed the Robot.cs in "Animations in NeoAxis" tutorial.

Also made a Spawner-class that you can put on your map and spawn units with.

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Future progress with NeoAxis and my game 
I have been helping others with their projects and my game is the way I left it in January or February.

This is kinda depressing so i'm going to take a break from other projects and make something for myself again.

Atm I only have a large dome with some immobile NPCs and one half of a shop ready. The player is moving and acting like in an FPS game. This has to be changed if I want to create an MMORPG.

So here is my TODO list.

Change player movement to point&click.
Make player attack with right mouse.
Create inventory and shop system.
Make NPCs move and act accordingly.
Create some pics for the

This can all be achieved with code snippets from NeoAxis forums and wiki.

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copying animations 
Bought Character Shop to gain access to it's 80+ animations. The tool itself is pretty harsh and can't really be used very effectively.

XSI Mod Tool to the rescue!

Exported the default model from Character Shop, created a new model with MakeHuman and used GATOR in Mod Tool to copy animations to my new model.

To my suprise it worked!

Only few vertices needed to be weightpainted again.

GATOR really did an amazing job!

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Finally made a simple website for my game SunBurn.


I'm getting models and textures for it slowly, but the first map/area is getting along pretty nicely.

I'm hoping to get some screen shots out in a couple of weeks. It really shows that I'm no artist and I might have to get some help getting this game up and running.

I was hoping I can do it all alone, because it's easier to argue just by myself...

The visual appearance of the game would be better if someone skilled would do it.

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new tutorial done 
The XSI Mod Tool tutorial sure took sime time. 18 pages in MSWord with images but now it's done. ... to_neoaxis

It shows how to make a crappy 3D model in XSI ModTool and export it to NeoAxis.

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