Back on track 
got a friend of mine to help me out with the graphics and visual design of my game. This allows me to focus on the programming.

This means there actually might be a game at some point!


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Hi hou nabcakes! 
After 2 years I decided to quit playing World of Warcraft.

Blizzard is changing the game so that even casual players should get their hands on top gear and see all content.

This is bullshit. I want games where I need to earn my shit and not get it by mail...

Sure only the top players get THE BEST SHIEET, but if that is 3% better than the crap you get "for free" who cares?

If some 12 year old n00b can't get a monster killed Blizzard will make the monster fight with one hand only.

Well anyway I will start doing more productive things like making my own game where you can't get shit for free.

I already changed the 0.83 version classes so that you can have "Instances" like in WoW. So you enter a new map with a portal and keep your stats and gear. It is going to make big wordls more manageable and playable.

The code is in NeoAxis forums already, but I will post it in here too.


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I'm not gone! 
After some time I dug up my NA project again and saw that I have deleted much of my stuff when I upgraded to 0.8 version.

No worries! Making it all the second time won't take so long...

got the inventory set up now and working on the interaction with shop inventory.

After that I'm going for the combat system.

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designing AI for my game 
So while waiting for the networking version of NeoAxis to come I decided to help on another project by making some AI for the NPCs.

I hope I can use that in my own game also. I will publish all relevant info on AI's progress here

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Missile and a MissileLauncher for NeoAxis 
Noticed people are trying to modify the original Bullet.cs from NeoAxis demo to be everything else too. I think a better way is to inherit the class in a new one to gain access to Bullet functions but still gain new features.

Here is the source code for Missile and MissileLauncher.

MissileLauncher makes some check to verify that the unit using this launcher is a Mech-robot. So you need to modify it to accept other type of units.



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