Missile and a MissileLauncher for NeoAxis 
Noticed people are trying to modify the original Bullet.cs from NeoAxis demo to be everything else too. I think a better way is to inherit the class in a new one to gain access to Bullet functions but still gain new features.

Here is the source code for Missile and MissileLauncher.

MissileLauncher makes some check to verify that the unit using this launcher is a Mech-robot. So you need to modify it to accept other type of units.



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Back to work people! 
Ok then got my character to level 80 in World of Warcraft and went ahead and whacked 6 other characters to at least level 60.

I think it's time to get back to my own game...

It seems I got 3 versions on NeoAxis installed and all contain different models and source code...

Have to figure out what resources are ready, what I have accidentally deleted and which ones still need some work.

I need to find some kinda web page blog type of thing that I can use to keep all my design documents. This way I could share them with someone easily if I ever need/want someone to help with this.

Got some models with needed animations but I still need models for NPCs. I think I'll try to get some rigged models that are not so expensive as fully animated and then use mocap to put some animations to them if possible.

Bought a 500G drive that is only for my game in the future I will keep all my game resources there. I have a backup system in place too so I won't lose everything when the drive blows.

If you had some help reading these pages you can help my project by donating a 3D model of a yellow cab that has the trunk open.

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XSI Foundation dead buried 

Almost had the cash to buy XSI Foundation and there is no such product for sale anymore. XSI is now selling XSI Essentials which is 2300 and they have dropped personal XSI solutions.

XSI ModTool is still free but...well it's crap :(

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fixing a tutorial 
Fixed the Robot.cs in "Animations in NeoAxis" tutorial.

Also made a Spawner-class that you can put on your map and spawn units with.


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Future progress with NeoAxis and my game 
I have been helping others with their projects and my game is the way I left it in January or February.

This is kinda depressing so i'm going to take a break from other projects and make something for myself again.

Atm I only have a large dome with some immobile NPCs and one half of a shop ready. The player is moving and acting like in an FPS game. This has to be changed if I want to create an MMORPG.

So here is my TODO list.

Change player movement to point&click.
Make player attack with right mouse.
Create inventory and shop system.
Make NPCs move and act accordingly.
Create some pics for the sunburngame.com

This can all be achieved with code snippets from NeoAxis forums and wiki.

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