Animation please! 
It has become obvious that animating 3D models in Blender will take me years. So I'm trying to find software that will assists or even do some of the work for me.

I have 2 candidates so far and here they are.

trueSpace from Caligari

You get a nice looking animation and modeling package for $595 (you can get a cheaper gameSpace for 299$).

The more powerful package is XSI|Foundation


XSI is the tool used by the big companies making bestseller games and movies. You can have this basic package for 449. There is a 30 day free trial or you can try the free Mod Tool for noncommercial projects.

XSI|Mod Tool

I'll try these out and give my opinion.

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Another tutorial finished 
Made another tutorial how to get animations to NeoAxis. This time from MilkShape.

I hope some1 finds this useful.

You find it in the Links.

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Wheeee!! finally some movement! 
Got the animations playing in NeoAxis!

Going to write a short tutorial about it.

There were some difficulties trying to get animations from a separate mesh and skeleton to move meshes that form he actual unit.

Before I used meshes that had animations allready in them.

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Happy Holidays? 
I have been trying to get a mech robot animated for 5 days now and with no luck at all.

Mech is moving when I press AWSD-keys but I just can't get the animations playing on NeoAxis.

Night Hawk fro the Assaulr Knights team got it working and I'm waiting for him to send me his files. Hopefully I can research those and find out what I am doing wrong.

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Xmass is over! 
Some NeoAxis users started to a project to create a Battletech-type mechfighting game. I'm contributing to that project programming some classes for their game. In exchange I get some programming experience in NeoAxis and C# in general.

They will hopefully provide me with some 3D models for my own game SunBurn.

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